Samuel Wheeler is an SEO Manager at Inseev Interactive, a San Diego performance digital marketing agency. Sam is the creator and author of “What is Link Juice?“, a new digital marketing resource for small businesses. He is also a contributor and editor with 365 Business, an organization dedicated to helping small to medium business owners collect and leverage actionable business tips and advice in five minutes or less.

As a Chicago native, Sam enjoys an actual slice of deep dish pizza. He has an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Northwestern University and has worked on various business development projects in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand. Sam loves a good surfing session and is the head coach of the UCSD Men’s Ice Hockey team.

At AMA San Diego, Sam supports the educational content efforts. He enjoys sharing (and improving) his marketing expertise through talks, articles, podcasts, networking events, and any other medium with an audience that is keen to learn.


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