Rachel is an innovative marketing professional specializing in campaigns integrating online and direct marketing. She combines research and analytic skills to determine what needs doing with the people skills to collaborate and motivate to get it done. Recently she joined Lynup, The Social Agency, a full-service marketing and advertising agency with in-house production and proprietary technology whose mission is to help clients become social brands. Lynup believes that social brands are more relatable, personal, and more deeply connected with their employees, suppliers, partners, prospects, and ultimately customers.

What have you done for the San Diego AMA?

2014-2015 Email Marketing Manager

What is your favorite brand and why?

I love any brand that uses intelligent messaging to reach and connect with their audience. Right Now, I particularly love UBER. Their growth is a result of capitalizing on opportunities, smart messaging and effective positioning.

What is your favorite business/marketing quote?

Sell the Problem you solve, not the product

What is your favorite business/marketing book?

I love any book dealing with behavioral economics. Daniel Pink, Bruce Lipton, Daniel Ariely all have great books I reread often. Predictably Irrational by Ariely is a particular favorite.

What business figure inspires you the most?

Marissa Mayer, CEO Yahoo.

What do you love about AMA?

Marketing is being swiftly driven by technology. The ways we can now connect and reach customers is fantastic. By attending events with the AMA I am able to keep up with new ways to connect and enhance my client relationships. The AMA keeps me current and my brands relevant.

What is your one gold nugget of business/marketing wisdom?

No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up.

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