We’re always excited to get to know our SDAMA members, what’s a day in the life like for Marie Laule?

These days, it’s morning meditation then enjoying coffee and breakfast before I’m off to the races. Depending on the day, I’ll either be working from home, working in the office (as Director of Marketing for a private equity firm), or prepping for my MBA night classes. I also have a side gig that I’m working on launching soon. Since my weekdays are stacked, I usually enforce a “no work on weekends” policy so I can enjoy time with friends and family.

You contributed to the huge success of the Art of Marketing: Future is WOW conference (thank you!). Share with us a bit about your role and what the experience was like for you.

I was on the marketing team for this event. I built our social media content strategy, monitored posting and engagement on our four socials (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), assisted with day-of-conference live social updates, and helped manage our wonderful team of social media volunteers. I also helped with copywriting to support the PR team, interviewed conference speakers and keynotes, collaborated with conference sponsors, as well as recruited additional volunteers to join the planning committee. What an amazing event! It was an honor to work with the allstar planning committee that made the conference a smashing success.

Do you have any tips or advice for any new AMASD members?

Go to everything, talk to everyone, get involved. AMA is constantly putting on amazing events and attracts a range of professionals from different industries with one thing in common: we’re all go-getters. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from meaningfully engaging with this stellar network of high achieving professionals.

What’s your dream job?


We hear you have a passion for travel, tell about a favorite place you’ve been able to explore.

This is tough because I’ve been to so many amazing places. I try to go on an international trip or extended road trip every year (blessed to be able to!). Vietnam, Dubai, and Argentina are standouts atm. Argentina is such a diverse country and I’ll never forget horseback riding through the Patagonia wilderness with dormant volcanoes surrounding me. I also love exploring the diversity of landscapes we have here in the US. many of which are in our national and state parks – all of Utah, the Redwoods, and the Everglades are my favorites so far.

Where are you headed next?

Eastern Europe with a ONE WAY ticket!!  Just kidding 🙂 but seriously I will be going for a few weeks to celebrate after I graduate from my MBA program in the spring.

What’s your favorite local San Diego spot or thing to do?

There’s way too many good local SD spots to choose just one, plus it depends on the area I’m in. If you’re interested in my short-list of recommendations, come find me! Otherwise, some of my favorite things to do are cooking gourmet meals and learning/practicing different languages.

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