Letty Alvarez founded Así Marketing Group in 1999 originally to help Hispanic business with their marketing efforts. Because of her vast experience with corporations, she focused on helping large and medium-sized companies and non-profits effectively reach the growing Hispanic market. From grassroots marketing to video productions and transcreations of their marketing, Así Marketing Group has successfully helped companies such as AT&T, Home Depot, Coca-Cola, Universal Technical Institute, Girl Scouts, and many more.

What do you enjoy most about being a San Diego AMA member?

San Diego AMA has been not only great for networking, but also for many educational events such as presentations from speakers and, of course, the Cause Conference. The San Diego AMA events are always fun, full of friendly people, and you are sure to either learn something new, obtain a new client, supplier or friend.

What is your favorite brand?

One of my favorite brands, is Home Depot. Their branding is always consistent, they acknowledge that a large percentage of their clients are Hispanic, and they do a terrific job marketing to them. I have personally always enjoyed their customer service and all their participation in their local communities.

What is your golden nugget of wisdom?

One of the mantra’s that I live with and have taught my daughters is “where there is a will, there is a way.” Once you make up your mind, nothing should stop you. With faith and a positive attitude, all can be achieved no matter the obstacles.

Who inspires you?

Two great ladies are my inspiration, Maya Angelou and Oprah. Both very positive, intelligent, beautiful women.

What are you passionate about?

Aside from my family and friends which I love spending time with, I have enjoyed mentoring young Latinas, especially my daughters, their friends and those with a passion to start their own business.

How has the AMA helped you excel in your career?

Through the AMA chapters, both in Phoenix and San Diego, I have met many people that I have been able to help with their marketing or that I have been able to use their services as suppliers. The San Deigo AMA is true to their mission of learning, connecting and excelling.


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