Tell us about yourself.
I like to say that I have over 10 years of experience in international public relations and communications -some people like to emphasize that I’m fluent in three languages, others that I have built a world-wide network of clients. Over the years, I have not only had the honor to work in/with several media channels (from magazine, to newspaper, radio, and television), but also to volunteer in several countries as I explored new cultures. In the past eight years, I have also been lucky to incorporate more giving into my life as I founded my own companies -mainly, BezKey. As such, I’ve been blessed to act as champion for generating positive change through social causes. At my company BezKey, we are constantly innovating to develop “3-Win” relationships among corporate, individuals, and NGO’s. Our “profit, planet, people” solutions are based on 3 principles: Connect, Collaborate, and Empower Engagement (the “3-Way”). For us it’s never about “Just Cause”, but about the triple-bottom-line engagement. Our engagement-marketing solutions are carefully crafted in order to gradually increase our client’s sustainable purpose.

What is your favorite brand, and why?
Can I say my favorite brand is the AMA? Hahaha … you know that’s true … but if I have to share another brand that would be Apple … the only thing that I carry with me at all times is my iPhone … and I would never trade my Mac for anything in this world … unless … well … unless you offer me a trip around the world or space? Is that fair?

What is your favorite quote or nugget of wisdom?
Be silly? Follow your true passions? “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Who inspires you and why?
Many people have inspired me in different ways … walks of life. For instance, my goal is to wake up everyday being more loving, forgiving, and compassionate and for that I like to follow the footsteps of my aunt Bia, and friend Meaghan -both only present in spirit. Another example is a friend-family-member who was one of the most positive influences I ever had in aviation and life. I also think of mother Teresa often as I strive to help others. As far as being inspired to live life to the fullest I cannot deny Richard Branson seems to have it all figured out: a conglomerate of ventures, connections, contributions, not to mention his contagious passion for living … and the list goes on … Finally, how can I not mention Ellon Musk … I still hope he will take us to space!

What are you passionate about?
You might be surprised if you don’t know me well … pretty much everyone and everything? Hahaha … just kidding, but that wouldn’t be a lie. I try to have a positive outlook on most of things. I believe on the power of attraction and I absolutely cannot live without passion. I’m probably one of the most passionate people you’ll ever find … and if I’m not passionate about something … I will with no exception be a part of it.

How has the AMA helped you excel in your career?
Do I really have to answer this …? Undoubtedly, all the AMAzing people I have met along the way! By far they have been the biggest gifts of all. It has been a blessing to work with every single one of you and I am confident most of us will be friends for life, helping and supporting each other not only on our career but personal goals. Do I need to say more about excelling in life?

What excites you most about San Diego AMA’s 2017 event lineup?
By far meeting with new and old friends while exploring our learning objectives together, collaborating, and making a difference.

“Leti demonstrated true leadership by stepping up to the plate when the need arose, by proactively identifying the resources the team would need to succeed, and by keeping a strong, positive attitude along the way! You not only inspired me, but you inspired the team to pull together and rally to achieve success in the end. Thank you for making volunteering FUN and for lending your talents and skills to the most successful Art of Marketing conference to date!” –David Palmer, President, San Diego AMA

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