Katie Gugino, Marketing Director, 9 years of marketing and business development experience in various industries. I’m currently the Marketing Director for Royal Design Studio, an e-commerce business that specializes in wall stencils for home decor.

What have you done for the SD AMA? I was on the MarCom Committee for the 2013 Art of Marketing and I was on the Logistics Committee for the 2014 AMY’s.

What is your favorite brand and why?

My favorite brand is ModCloth. The way they have revolutionized online shopping experience by building a community and letting the community submit pictures of themselves wearing the clothes as well as their height and weight is genius. It provides the consumer extra confidence in making a purchase as well as allows the customer who commented to get positive feedback from other shoppers. It also has other convenient online shopping tools that are great for marketing, such as allowing shoppers to pick what they think should be for sale and when an item is sold out, there is a notification that alerts ModCloth the item is still in demand.

What do you love about AMA?

I love that it expands your network, enhances or teaches new skills, and it’s fun.

What is your one gold nugget of business/marketing wisdom?

Analytics are your ally. Master your analytic software. Because it’s really hard to argue against the numbers.


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