Meet #SDAOM Volunteer Hannah

Hannah plans and executes public relations campaigns for clients at Oster and Associates, a full-service marketing and advertising agency. After graduating with a Bachelors in Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia and spending five years in the editorial side of the industry, Hannah changed paths and began working in marketing for both for-profit and non-profit clients. She earned her Masters in Communications Management from the University of Southern California, and she has been living in San Diego (and loving it) since 2010.

What is your favorite brand, and why?

As a former high school athlete and current exercise enthusiast, I love Under Armour. From a marketing standpoint, it’s been interesting to watch the company transition from a small, strictly athletic company to one that appeals to a more mainstream audience. The brand has done an incredible job of mixing empowering messages with a quality product, as well as creating thoughtful sponsorships. One of my favorite shirts is an Under Armour tank with the slogan “Protect This House.” It’s powerful and meaningful to me.

What is your favorite quote or nugget of wisdom?

“All the strength you need is right there inside you.”

Who inspires you and why?

There are so many people in my personal and professional life that inspire me. She doesn’t know I’m writing this, but I’m inspired by the founder, president and creative director of my company, Bev Oster. Not only has she built a marketing and PR firm that has endured 30 years within San Diego, but she’s got a natural gift of uniting teams and drawing out the best in individuals.

What are you passionate about?

I have a service-oriented personality, so I am passionate about giving back – whether through PR and marketing or through mentoring or volunteering for different organizations. Doing good in the world is what makes me feel connected to others.

How has the AMA helped you excel in your career?

I love learning, and AMA facilitates multiple opportunities for me to continue learning about my field of marketing – from learning sessions to networking mixers to conference planning, there are always opportunities to soak up knowledge from those around me through AMA.

What excites you most about the San Diego AMA Art of Marketing conference?

I love the opportunity to be surrounded by like minds and learn from people who think like I do – and also by those who don’t. I am excited to see the Art of Marketing conference come together and be able to learn a thing or two along the way!

“Hannah, the San Diego AMA is very grateful for all you do for the marketing community. Thank you for not only lending your brilliant marketing and PR skills to #SDAOM, but also for making this a positive experience for the entire team! Your can-do attitude is truly inspiring to all. Thank you from all of us at San Diego AMA!”  – David Palmer, President, San Diego AMA

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