What is your favorite brand, and why?

This is a very tough question to answer. There are a lot of brands/companies doing good things right now, but I would have to say my favorite is Chipotle (who doesn’t like Chipotle?). Chipotle’s humble beginnings are still a prominent part of their culture and brand today. Their mission statement is “Food with Integrity”. They use organic ingredients and promote this in a different way with promotions such as their webcast “Farmed and Dangerous”, Netflix documentary “Inside Chipotle” and most recently the Chipotle Cultivate Festival, which is currently traveling across the country.

This type of marketing is a more community minded approach to bring people together to learn more about the company and the food they serve. I think it’s a fun way to market your company and get people involved and educated about the food they are consuming. It doesn’t hurt that it tastes pretty good too.

 What do you enjoy most about AMA?

I like that there are a variety of different events that are targeting people in different industries and disciplines and at different stages of their careers. Marketing is such a broad term so having specialized events helps to get the right people networking together.

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