Seeking powerhouse marketing talent for your openings? You’ve come to the right place! Reach 10,000+ regional marketers through targeted promotions with San Diego AMA as your recruiting partner. Channels and reach for each posting include:
Job Board
Email Social
Description: Featured homepage listing + sidebar promos throughout site 30-day featured listing Featured main-body listing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
Reach &


Avg. 8,000+ unique views per month Avg. 500 unique views per month 9,000+ distribution

1 email per month

5,000+ followers

2 posts per week


Revenue generated from job boards are invested into the programs and services our 501(c)3 nonprofit provides to the local marketing community.

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Posting your open job reqs couldn’t be easier! Receipts are automatically emailed to you. For support or questions, email or call (619) 402-7825.