Reasons to Consider Sponsoring an AMA San Diego Event

By Kirsty Nunez, VP of Special Events, and Tom McFadden, VP of Sponsorship


The San Diego Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA San Diego) has a variety of unique In-Kind and Cash sponsorship opportunities designed to get your brand front and center in front of the marketing community in San Diego. Not only are there opportunities to sponsor one of our annual major events—the Sandies Awards in May, or the Art of Marketing Conference in October each year—but there are also monthly opportunities to sponsor our Signature or Networking events. Our two major events attract audiences of 300 San Diego marketers or more each year, and our monthly events typically attract 50 or more members of the marketing community. “I’ve been sponsoring AMA events for years,” said Bobby Buchanan of Buchanan Brand + Design. “It’s a really great way to not only get exposure for my brand, but to build relationships with other marketers in the San Diego area.” There are a variety of sponsorship opportunities offered at a range of cash or cash equivalent levels designed to address a range of budgets.

Why should your brand sponsor an AMA San Diego event?

Access to Your Target Audience

  • Targeted Marketing: AMA San Diego events attract marketing professionals and decision-makers in San Diego, allowing you to connect with a highly targeted audience of marketing professionals who will be interests in your products or services. This is particularly beneficial for SaaS (Software as a Service) companies and other businesses that target marketing organizations, as it provides a focused platform to engage with potential customers.
  • Brand Exposure: Sponsoring an AMA San Diego event can provide your brand with increased exposure to a targeted audience of marketing professionals in Southern California.
  • Lead Generation: Sponsorship helps generate leads through brand recognition, booth or exhibit space, and other marketing materials, which can result in potential new business opportunities.

Humanize Your Brand

  • Emotional Connection: When your brand sponsors events such as those offered by AMA San Diego, it can create an emotional connection with the audience (San Diego Marketers) because it is aligning your brand values with the values of AMA San Diego. Sponsoring shows that your brand cares about the marketing community in San Diego and is actively involved in making a positive impact. This emotional connection can humanize your brand by evoking empathy, compassion, and a sense of shared values with the marketing community.
  • Personal Interactions: As your brand’s sponsorship of an AMA San Diego event involves direct interactions with members of the marketing community, these interactions provide a your brand with the opportunity to engage with the marketing community in a personal and meaningful way. Sponsorship helps create a sense of community, fosters trust, and helps build relationships.
  • Fun Events and Audience Funneling Opportunities: AMA San Diego events are known for their engaging and fun atmospheres, providing an opportunity to connect with marketing professionals in relaxed and enjoyable settings. Most of our events offer sponsorship opportunities that allow you to have your target audience funneled towards your booth or exhibit, increasing your chances of meaningful interactions and lead generation.


  • Thought Leadership: Sponsorship allows you to position your brand as a thought leader in the San Diego marketing industry by showcasing your expertise through direct interaction you’re your target audience, speaking opportunities, or panel discussions.
  • Community Involvement: Sponsoring an AMA San Diego event demonstrates your commitment to the local marketing community and shows your brand’s support for the professional development of marketing practitioners in the region.
  • Giving Back to the San Diego Marketing Community: By sponsoring an AMA San Diego event, you have the opportunity to give back to the marketing community that supports your business. Supporting industry events and initiatives can help foster goodwill among marketing professionals and showcase your company’s commitment to supporting the growth and development of the marketing field.

Brand Image Enhancement

  • Enhance Brand Image: Associating your brand with a reputable organization such as AMA San Diego will enhance your brand image, credibility, and perceived expertise in the marketing field.
  • Content Marketing Opportunities: Enhance the leadership image of your company by including content creation in your sponsorship agreement with AMA San Diego. Blog posts, social media, and video interviews can help amplify your brand’s message and reach a wider audience.

Social Engagement

  • Networking Opportunities: Sponsorship provides many networking opportunities with marketing professionals, potential clients, and industry influences at AMA San Diego events, leading to valuable business connections.
  • Employee Engagement: Involving your employees in AMA San Diego events as speakers, panelists, or event attendees can boost their morale, motivation, and professional growth, leading to improved employee engagement and retention.

Return on Investment

  • ROI: Partnering with AMA San Diego can provide a tangible return on investment through increased brand exposure, lead generation, and business opportunities, leading to potential sales and revenue growth.

Sponsoring an AMA San Diego event offers a wide variety of benefits. It is important to consider the specific audience and objectives of your business when evaluating the potential benefits of sponsoring an AMA San Diego event. AMA San Diego offers a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities, and we are happy to customize an In-Kind or Cash sponsorship opportunity for your organization so sponsoring is a winning proposition for both your business and AMA San Diego. For more information about sponsorship opportunities with AMA San Diego, please reach out to Tom McFadden at

Kirsty Nunez and Tom McFadden are both AMA SD volunteers who serve on the Board as the VP Special Events and the VP Sponsorship, respectively. Kirsty Nunez is the President and Chief Research Strategist at Q2 Insights, Inc., a research and innovation consulting firm with offices in San Diego. Q2 Insights specializes in many areas of research and predictive analytics. Tom McFadden is the President of Jacob Tyler, Inc., a full service creative and digital marketing agency based in San Diego.

About Kirsty

Kirsty Nunez is the President and Chief Research Strategist at Q2 Insights, Inc., a research and innovation consulting firm with offices in San Diego and New Orleans. She can be reached at (760) 230-2950 ext. 1 or