E-A-T Digital Marketing Tips for Lunch!

The AMA podcast is returned to the studio for a friendly conversation on Google’s notorious August 1st algorithm update. More specifically, they talk about the changes to Google’s Search Quality Guidelines in the way of improving E-A-T score.

E-A-T stands for:

E – Expertise

A – Authoritativeness

T – Trustworthiness  

 In this installment of This Week in Marketing, we dive into the details of what E-A-T score is and how brands can play by the new rules to get their content favored on the web.

Segment one focuses on what the E-A-T acronym entails. Next, we talk about the industries most affected by the update. This update dealt a serious blow towards Your Money Your Life (YMYL) brands – medical, financial, legal, etc.

Segment two is all about Expertise and how brands can go about building this up within their content. Kevin talks about the importance of proven experts writing content that truly demonstrates prowess on the topic. For example, someone with no medical background producing content on diet regimens or prescription drugs could potentially be dangerous to readers. And therefore, such content would have a low E-A-T score.

From a business perspective, companies can improve their brand’s E-A-T score by pushing personal branding for their senior employees. After all, people tend to trust other people more than brands. With this in mind, Sam discusses some important aspects of building out a bio that reinforces expertise and makes main content (MC) more credible.

Segment three touches on the concept of building Authority. Kevin and Sam discuss how this plays into a number of different areas of business content. In many ways, Expertise is about showing that you know what you are talking about, Authority is about having the validation. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of E-A-T score deals with e-commerce pages. Quoting Google’s Search Quality Guidelines, Sam discusses what makes a product page credible and what information is most important to include.

The last segment focuses on establishing Trustworthiness. This can involve many different factors ranging from high-quality Google-verified reviews to making sure a platform is secure with the proper certificates. Additionally, having trust seals on a website can do a lot to improve Trustworthiness.

Key Takeaways

  • If there is one big takeaway from this show, it’s that the process of how search engines determine E-A-T score is a gray area with a lot of overlap.
  • Ultimately, the name of the game is having qualified authors produce top-notch content that answers the burning questions. To hear more about what E-A-T score is and how to improve it, listen to the full show!
  • Check out the full page rating guidelines here!

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About the Hosts: 

Sam is a Digital Business Manager at Inseev Interactive. He loves to support large and small businesses with their digital channels. He especially loves a good challenge! His current projects include a new home loan company called GoodLife. When he is not surfing the web, you can find Sam off the coast of Pacific Beach, catching the evening swell.

Kevin is a Senior Copywriter and Content Strategist at E2M Solutions Inc. He is a contributing author on sites like Right Mix Marketing, Digital Doughnut, and The Blog Herald. In addition to co-hosting This Week in Marketing, Kevin operates E2M’s in-house podcast: The Marketing Microscope. In his free time, Kevin manages a Travel & Leisure website: Impulsive Wanderlust.