The Changing Landscape of Recruiting

Quinn Sidon, Vitamin T, Ken Schmitt, Turning Point Executive Search

Quinn Sidon of Vitamin T, left, and Ken Schmitt of Turning Point Executive Search

If you’re hiring marketing talent, it’s a new ballgame

In a post-recession economy, applicants can be more selective while recruiters and hiring managers must widen their sourcing net and refine their tactics and processes to attract the right talent.

Veteran talent search experts Ken Schmitt of Turning Point Executive Search and Quinn Sidon of Vitamin T have seen it all, from the depths of the Great Recession to the current environment, which they call ‘talent-friendly’. They share their perspective on the changing landscape of recruiting in San Diego — where & when to search, what applicants value most, what and how to communicate with applicants.

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Segment 1: Post-recession signals


Segment 2: Hiring process best practices


Segment 3: Company culture and talent sourcing


Segment 4: Communicating with & about applicants