Navigating the Mysterious Challenges of Healthcare Marketing

The 9/22 episode of This Week in Marketing comes to you (like most of the shows we’ve done this year) from the comfort of our home offices. In this episode, I welcome Aaron Williams of 1Dental.

1Dental is a leading-edge, cost-effective alternative option to dental insurance offering a subscription-based plan through providers across the United States. The focus of this episode revolves around one of the most difficult verticals in digital marketing: healthcare.

As many of the insiders know, marketing anywhere near the healthcare niche is not an easy task. Google doesn’t let much slide for these sites – thanks to the enigmatic E-A-T.

Before we dive into the juicy details of the show, Aaron gives us his interesting take on the dental industry as a whole, some of the biggest marketing roadblocks he’s run into throughout his career, and his general approach to facing the Google Core Updates – which tend to hit health sites the hardest.

We then switch gears to the technical website prowess needed to succeed in healthcare marketing, the most important factors to consider in earning brownie points from Google, and some key starting points for the content creation process.

As the show continues, we get into the nuts and bolts of on-site and off-site SEO in the healthcare field, how a budget should ideally be allocated, and getting the ball rolling on local marketing. Aaron and I touch on reviews, link building, content creation, social media, and the process to building trust.

The conversation changes course to discuss the process of outsourcing healthcare-related marketing tasks. As what should come as no shock, you can’t choose just any marketing agency to take on marketing duties in this niche. Aaron gives us some excellent tips for finding a reliable partner, as well as some red flags to look for, and which jobs should be outsourced.

If you are in the healthcare space and are interested to learn more about marketing, content, and SEO, definitely give this episode a listen!

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