Cause Conference 2020 – A Virtual Event
Cause Conference 2020 – A Virtual Event
Amplifying Social Impact + Innovation—For Good

The 2020 Cause Conference is evolving with the world around us and we are going virtual this year.

A Multi-Day Experience

The 2020 Cause Conference will begin with the Cause Conference Fall Webinar series beginning on October 2nd, followed by a social networking event the evening of November 12th, and culminate with the 2020 Virtual Cause Conference on November 13th.

While we won’t be together physically, our community of cause-driven agents of change will unite once more to engage in the learning, organization-building, and relationship development activities that have been our hallowed tradition for over two decades.

We invite you to join us and collaborate with hundreds of our region’s brightest mission-driven leaders to assess societal opportunities, develop innovative solutions to tough problems, implement methods to quantifiably track impacts, and uplift our vibrant community.

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2020 Cause Conference Program

The 2020 Cause Conference is presented by the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy at National University.

The event will begin with our Fall Webinar Series which will include condensed discussion on:

  • How to Give – 10/2/2020 @10am
    • Corporate Giving Panel: Trends in Corporate Philanthropy – Navigating Through a Global Pandemic
      • With speakers from Wells Fargo, Cox Communications, U.S. Bank, SDG&E, and Qualcomm
  • How to Ask – 10/15/2020 @11am
    • Virtual Fundraising Workshop: The Art of the Ask – Preparation and Execution Workshop for All Organizations
      • Hosted by the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy
  • How to Spend – 11/4/2020 @11am
    • Connecting Consumers and Customers to Your Cause: How to Spend Your Time and Budget to Maximize Impact
      • Hosted by PRSA & Civilian Agency


The 2020 Virtual Cause Conference on November 13th will feature four tracks with 16+ talks, panels, experiences, and more! 

Featured topics will include:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Making ‘good’ on your mission
  • Getting to YES with Cause Partnerships
  • Cost of Marketing in the Age of COVID-19
  • And more!

These topics will be delivered through partnerships with organizations like the San Diego Foundation, United Way, and the Public Relations Society of America.


This year, the Cause Conference Theme is: Amplifying Social Impact + Innovation—For Good


For over 20 years, the Cause Conference has been a driving force for positive social impact through the sharing of ideas and strategies to build a more humanitarian community and we have been joined by executive leaders, marketers, donors, and social entrepreneurs of the region’s top purpose-driven businesses, organizations, and nonprofits.

Our Vision

The Cause Conference positively influences conscious organizations through cross-sector collaboration and community.

Our Mission

Collectively deliver an impactful conference experience that inspires and empowers organizations to implement strategies for purposeful communities, businesses, and growth.

Keynote Speaker – Mark Stuart, President and CEO, San Diego Foundation

Mark Stuart is a fundraising and community-building professional with nearly 30 years of experience in all aspects of operations and leadership. As President and CEO of The San Diego Foundation, he reports to and collaborates with the Board of Governors and is responsible for developing and managing relationships with a wide range of stakeholders as well as for the operating health of The Foundation.

Please view the agenda and speaker page for more programming information.

2020 Cause Conference Partners:

  • The San Diego Foundation
  • SD Grantmakers
  • AFP
  • FourFin
  • PRSA
  • USD Nonprofit Institute
  • UCSD Extension
  • Wells Fargo
  • CCSD
  • Whova
  • Green Rope

We hope you will join us!


Don’t miss out on the Park Pike Non-Profit Marketing Scholarship

Parker Pike Non-Profit Marketing Scholarship


Apply for the Parker
Pike Nonprofit Marketing

The San Diego Chapter of the American Marketing Association will award $1,000 to a student attending any San Diego County college, university or extension program who developed or supported marketing or business-focused programs for nonprofits that helped that organization further meet their mission, be more effective, save money and/or thrive in the local community.

The local, regional or national nonprofit organization must be a legally recognized, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization. This act of service and support for a nonprofit should have been completed during the past 12 months. The scholarship will be announced and awarded during the Cause Conference 2020 virtual event to be held online on November 13, 2020. The winner will be notified in advance and provided an All-Access Pass to all related Cause Conference events, along with the $1,000 check.

The scholarship is named for Parker Pike, a cause and nonprofit marketing champion with a dedicated career in teaching marketing, developing community partnerships between companies and nonprofits, and supporting San Diego AMA.

The purpose of the scholarship is to:

• Increase awareness and use of effective marketing strategies in the nonprofit community.
• Provide an incentive for college students to apply acquired skills to the nonprofit sector.
• Demonstrate the power of community marketing partnerships that can help nonprofits achieve their social mission and develop sustainable relationships that can support their bottom line.

Required Documents:

1. Completed scholarship application form – download it at
2. One letter of recommendation from a college/ university instructor or from a nonprofit leader or staff member who is familiar with the applicant’s work and contribution.

Recommendation letter and any additional documents should be emailed in a single response to:


The scholarship is available to all college students, undergraduate and graduate level, attending a San Diego County college, university or extension program, part-time or full time. The support of the nonprofit can come in the form of a job, internship or volunteer opportunity.

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

1. Leadership and creativity in the application of marketing strategies that achieve measurable success.
2. Resourcefulness in strengthening an existing marketing program or plan.
3. Problem solving skills by helping a nonprofit(s) meet a current need or future opportunity.


All applications must be submitted by
October 27, 2020, 5:00 PM

The winner will be notified via phone and email by a selection committee member.

The winner will be invited to attend and be recognized at the 2020 virtual Cause Conference on November 13, 2020


Parker Pike application