Things you should know about Jimmy…


President, Inseev Interactive

Professional Bio

Jimmy has extensive expertise in B2B marketing automation strategy, analytics, search engine optimization and digital marketing in general. Here in San Diego, Jimmy has worked for a diverse host of firms including Xerox, Accelrys and Provide Commerce, owners of ProFlowers and other e-commerce gifting brands.  Today, he is President of Inseev Interactive, a San Diego based online marketing firm.  Jimmy earned a Bachelors degree in marketing from Penn State University, and an MBA from San Diego State University.

Who’s doing the best Marketing right now?

In my sphere the best marketing is being done in business-to-business process modeling and offensive strategy. Fantastic software companies and brilliant in-house marketers are creating the deepest insight into revenue models ever. I have a lot of respect for companies like Eloqua, Marketo and HubSpot if I have to name names.

What’s your favorite quote?

“Your future is up to you, not your employer. You have to get better in order for your circumstances to get better, and that must be done on your own time.” -Larry Winget

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