Brandon Hull is a Senior Director of Business Development with Aimia, a loyalty marketing strategy and platform provider.

What Excites You Most about AMA? I love that our organization supports the professional development of marketers up and down the seniority level across San Diego. The training and networking opportunities through San Diego AMA events are incredible.
Role on Board: My role on the board is to represent San Diego AMA with other professional organizations in San Diego, primarily professional development and non-profit, in cross-promoting educational and volunteer opportunities.
Which brand do you admire most? In general, I admire Apple, but that’s less for their product line and more for their elegant and minimalist marketing. Locally, I admire Rubio’s Coastal Grill. The restaurant brand still represents the personality of the founder and San Diego itself. Laid back, approachable, just pleasant overall.
Who Inspires You, and Why? The understated, humble, and approachable people in my life inspire me. I’m inspired by their quiet and small — and especially their anonymous — acts that have positive, long-term impacts.

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