Board of Directors

Zachary Senvisky

2024-2025 President

Compass Digital

Maya Sykes

2024-2025 President-Elect

University of San Diego

Claudia Chow

Immediate Past President

UC San Diego Division of
Extended Studies

Janene Forman


Q2 Insights

Kathy Townend



Jon Haber

VP of Membership

San Diego Foundation

Lisa Tomaselli

Co-VP of Programming

ShowTec, Inc.

Summer Haines

Co-VP of Special Events
Sandie Awards

Community Volunteer

Nick Hofer

Co-VP of Special Events
Art of Marketing Conference

Hofer Consulting

Judy Parker

Co-VP of Collegiate Relations

JParker Communications

Christine Trimble

Co-VP of Collegiate Relations

Literary Consultant

Mary Beth McCabe

Member at Large

Point Loma Nazarene University

A Tribute to AMA San Diego’s Past Presidents

Join us in celebrating the visionary leaders who have shaped AMA San Diego’s legacy over the years. From their dedication to innovation to their unwavering commitment to excellence, each past president has left an indelible mark on our chapter’s journey.

As we reflect on their contributions, we’re inspired by their passion, leadership, and tireless efforts to advance marketing excellence in our community. Their legacy serves as a guiding light as we continue to empower marketers and drive impactful change.

Thank you to all past presidents for your invaluable service and dedication to AMA San Diego. Your leadership continues to inspire us all!

Thank you for paving the way
2022-2023Frank Cowell
2021-2022Noelle Fauver
2020-2021Samuel Wheeler
2019-2020Hannah Martine
2018-2019Hannah Martine
2017-2018Christine Wiley
2016-2017David Palmer
2015-2016David Palmer
2014-2015Shelley Callahan
2013-2014Kirsty Nunez
2012-2013Dan Bishop
2011-2012Kathy Townend
2010-2011Brian Hovis
2009-2010Brian Hovis
2008-2009Reb Risty
2007-2008Barbara Janszen
2006-2007Jessica Kenyon
2005-2006Craddock Stropes
2004-2005Craddock Stropes
2003-2004John Liarakos
2002-2003Albert Pike
2001-2002William Scott
2000-2001William Scott
2000-1999Robyn Scherer
1998-1999Dave Carleton
1997-1998Paul Branum
1996-1997Beth Callender
1995-1996Leslie Nelson
1994-1995Karen Marchetti
1993-1994Jim Simpson
1992-1993Pat Funes
1991-1992Howard Burgeson
1990-1991John Stampfli
1989-1990Joyce Revlett
1988-1989Russ Cornelius
1987-1988John Schoen
1986-1987Charles Mann
1985-1986Michael Casinelli
1984-1985Jil Goebel
1983-1984Martin Greenwald
1982-1983Anna Marie Sorriso
1981-1982Russell Cornelius
1980-1981Ronald Holeway
1979-1980Martin Buncher
1978-1979Thomas Shipman
1977-1978Ilene Steiman
1976-1977Randy Grimm
1975-1976Robert Gadbois
1974-1975Mike Stansbury
1973-1974John Bruce
1972-1973Marsh Phelps