AMA San Diego Welcomes New Board of Directors


SAN DIEGO, CALIF. (Aug. 11, 2017) — The San Diego chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA San Diego) is thrilled to announce its new Board of Directors for the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

This leadership team brings together decades of experience in marketing across diverse industries. Many members of the 2016-2017 Board have returned for a second year, continuing their commitment to advance the nonprofit’s mission. New Board members are nominated by members of Board Nomination Committee (comprised of Past Presidents, the incoming President, and AMA members); the community of 300+ AMA San Diego members vote to elect all Board positions.

The Board of Directors provide a variety of resources for San Diego marketing professionals to learn, connect and excel in their careers. The Board also puts on events throughout the year, including the flagship Art of Marketing Conference, Signature Events, social mixers, Special Interest Groups and more.

“This is an especially important time to be part of the AMA, the most relevant force and voice shaping marketing around the world,” said Christine Wiley, AMA San Diego President. “As the 2017-18 President and on behalf of this year’s Board Members, we are committed to our three core principles and new guiding light: Service. The most important duty to our members. Your success is our success. Knowledge. We believe power is knowledge applied. Community. Our ambition is to support the needs of each member and encouraging them to do the same for others across all levels and disciplines. AMA San Diego is where marketing scholars and magicians meet to champion marketing as a catalyst for economic prosperity and improved quality of life.”

The 2017-2018 AMA San Diego Board:

Anetra Henry-Hunting, VP Sponsorship
Principal Consultant, The Hunting Group

Arin Winkler, VP Brand
Owner / Creative Director, Winkler Designs

Barbara Haines, Staff Office
Executive AdministratorBill Winn, VP Content

Bill Winn, VP Content
Digital PR and Display Media Manager, Inseev Interactive

Carina Affinito, VP Collegiate Relations
Global Partner Marketing Manager, Qualcomm

Christine Wiley, President
Marketing Director, National MS Society

Danielle Hashem, Co-VP Programming
Marketing Communications Manager, L3 Technologies, Inc.

David Palmer, Immediate Past President
Integrated Marketing Consultant

Dori Lin, VP Analytics
Marketing, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Donovan Moore, VP Careers
Account Director, Goodway Group

Hannah Martine, VP Strategic Alliances
Senior Publicist, H2 Public Relations

Juli Iacuaniello , VP Membership
Principal, Iacua Consulting

Kyle Sandsmark, VP Integrated Communications
Director Digital Marketing, Guild Mortgage Company

Maileen Flores, CPA, Treasurer
VP of Finance, Partner & Sr. Business Strategist, Richtr Financial Studio, PC

Marina Anderson, VP Special Interest Groups
Principal Consultant, Anderson Marketing Insights

Mike Matamala, VP Earned & Social Media
Creative Director, Holdrite

Nancy Carroll, Secretary
Director of Sales, Game Changer

Rachel Harrison-Brown, President-Elect
Marketing Project Manager, Mitchell International

Rachel Ready, Co-VP Programming
Vice President Digital Marketing & Strategy, Business Online

A complete list of current and former Board Members can be found at


About San Diego AMA

The San Diego Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) is the organization for high performing marketers who are serious about furthering their careers. San Diego AMA is the only education- and networking-focused organization that provides information, resources, international presence and valuable connections in a fun, approachable environment where its members can achieve their personal development goals.

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