2024 AMA Leadership Summit

Empowering leaders, insights from the 2024 AMA Leadership Summit

American Marketing Association San Diego (AMA San Diego), recently had the privilege to send two board members to the 2024 AMA Leadership Summit—an annual event that hosts more than 200 chapters across the country for three days of workshops, speakers, loud tables, sharing resources, and fun (wait until you hear about the sneaker ball)!

Reflecting on their first-time experience at the Leadership Summit, Zachary Senvisky, President-Elect, shared, “The summit opened my eyes to the vast opportunities for chapter growth, new revenue streams, and additional resources we can provide our AMA community. I look forward to exploring these opportunities with our next board year.”

Maya Sykes, Vice President of Volunteer Management, echoed similar sentiments, “The Leadership Summit provided me the opportunity to learn from leaders of other AMA professional chapters and gain practical strategies for engaging volunteers and fostering a sense of belonging within our chapter. I am excited to implement these strategies into action in the coming year and to continue creating a space for San Diego marketers to learn, connect, and grow.”

Keynotes, panels, and speakers covered a wide range of topics including DEI, the future of marketing, generating revenue, AI in marketing, and inclusive leadership. The Saturday keynote included a lively fireside chat with AMA CEO, Bennie Johnson and Curtis Midkiff, Director of Global Social Engagement at 23andMe. 

The culmination of the summit was the Awards Gala and Sneaker Ball—a testament to the AMA’s unique blend of professionalism and fun. It was a night of celebration, networking, and stylish self-expression, where marketing professionals from diverse backgrounds came together to honor achievements and forge new connections.

The insights gained and connections made will undoubtedly shape our chapter journey and empower us to drive positive change within our chapter and beyond. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the AMA and all the speakers, organizers, and fellow attendees who made this summit a truly empowering and transformative experience. Here’s to embracing our journey, challenging the status quo, and empowering ourselves and others to lead with purpose and passion.

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